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RTA (Ready To Assemble) Cabinets: The most obvious example of an RTA cabinet is IKEA, although it is not the only one but the most common one. Typically, RTA cabinets come with all the necessary hardware and assembly instructions. We make sure that the cabinets are assembled square. Assembly time typically takes one installer about 10 minutes per cabinet and 5 minutes per drawer.

IKEA Cabinets Assembly
IKEA Cabinets Assembly

Stock Cabinets: Pre-manufactured cabinets that come in standard sizes and designs. They are readily available at home improvement stores (think of the cabinets you see at Home Depot, Rona and other big box stores). They come in fixed sizes, so you have to play with what they have when laying out the kitchen. The quality of these cabinets depends on how they are made. If you're unsure how to judge their construction quality, try pushing at the corners. A well-constructed cabinet should stay upright, not wiggling left to right or vice versa.

Installing A Kitchen Island
Installing A Kitchen Island

Semi-Custom and Custom Cabinets: These are the pinnacle of cabinet craftsmanship. Installing these high-end cabinetry categories requires our installers to possess advanced skills and knowledge about all aspects of finish carpentry and cabinet construction.



Floor Protection: No matter how scratch-resistant your flooring materials might be, we protect them! Even if you've already put your flooring protection, we still lay down our protective blankets. It's a little peace of mind for everybody. 

green protective blankets and two men
Protective blankets laid down before installation

Dust Control: Because of our nature of work, we usually have to cut inside the house where the homeowners live. Dust control becomes an essential aspect of our installation. We employed the Festool Dust Extractor CT26 with a cyclone in our tools arsenal. This machine traps 99.97% of dust particles down to 0.3 microns (smaller than the dust that settles on your TV stand) produced by the saws. So you don't end up with any saw dust parking on your furniture and clothes. 

Festool CT26
It’s not just a vacuum, it’s a dust extractor!

High-Quality Tools: We buy the best tools for the jobs whenever possible. They save us time, enhance our accuracy, and deliver the desired results.

Customer Care: We work closely with our customers to ensure their satisfaction with our work. We will discuss any changes or issues during the installation with you throughout the process. We give you options based on your situation to choose what's best for you. No detail is left unnoticed.


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