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The old doors were broken and the lady didn't like it. She wanted something fancier. So I removed the old door and here's the process of putting on a new one.

I started with re-measuring the rough opening though I know it's 47" width and 81" height.

Then I measured and cut top and bottom tracks to fit in the rough opening.

Then install the top track

Line up the bottom track with the top track. This part is tricky. So to get them to line up perfectly straight, I use my laser level. It comes in handy all the time.

After everything is lined up, I screwed the bottom track to the floor.

My camera was running out of battery so I didn't take pictures of how to attach the doors. Basically I slide in the upper part first then drop the wheels at the bottom of the doors onto the bottom tracks. Some adjustments have to be done in order to get a perfectly closed doors. Anyway, here's the doors after all adjustments and handles installed.

There you go. The lady is very happy with her new closet doors. A nice touch for the bed room.

If you have any project like this needs to be done. Let me know.

Tools I used:

- Tape measure

- Impact driver & drill

- 3" wood screw (coarse thread)

- Laser level

- Some screwdriver

- Jig saw

- Vacuum


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